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Average is the New Extraordinary

Merritt Benz, LCSW When you read this fortune- how does the statement make you feel? This was a fortune I got in a fortune cookie (big surprise, right) and it stuck with me for some reason. I kept it and it’s been on my refrigerator for months and I couldn’t figure out why it I […]


Your Story Matters Here

Merritt Benz, LCSW What if pain, failure, hurt, loneliness, shame disappointment, doubt…. All those words, all those experiences were redefined – Given new meaning. They are real, these feelings and experiences are true but they are not where hope is found. Hope is not on “the other side” and being rid of them or being […]


Restoring Water

Merritt Benz, LCSW A client I met with today shared with me a beautiful experience he had. He was dropping off his best friend at the airport and knew it would be a year or longer before he saw him again and he felt sad. Really sad. He said that in the past he would […]


Growing Pains

Merritt Benz, LCSW We often want change to happen in our lives in a linear, predictable way so that we can have some assurance and comfort that we are making “progress” and “getting better.” The reality however is that we all circle back to the same injuries and struggles and it hurts. It just plain […]