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Merritt Benz, LCSW

We often want change to happen in our lives in a linear, predictable way so that we can have some assurance and comfort that we are making “progress” and “getting better.” The reality however is that we all circle back to the same injuries and struggles and it hurts. It just plain hurts and we get tired of it all.

Circling. Looping. Zig Zagging through life is how we make progress because that is how life is…unpredictable, surprising and painful at times. What if your pain and hurt was not a sign of “two steps back” but the indicator of your strength and courage to stay in the ring, even when some of the punches land in very tender and familiar places?

If your pain has not yet taken you down–it won’t. If you are still feeling–then you are still in the game and that means you are not in the same place you were before.

Pain changes us and growth can hurt but hurting is not failure, it’s a sign that we’re alive.

Still here. Still feeling. Still in the ring. Growing stronger with each round.

Keep climbing.