You’re here. You landed on this page for a reason and we want to know why.

What happened before you sat down at your computer or started a search on your phone?

Curiosity, perhaps? Or maybe it’s more complicated than that.

New business, life change, struggles in relationships, loss, uncertainty, stress…
maybe someone suggested that you talk to someone.

There is one thing we know about you already (and we haven’t even met)-
you are wanting change, movement and for something to be different in your life.

We want you to find your path and we will walk it with you.

The path starts here:

curiosity is leading the way & the direction is up to you.


Both individual and couples sessions are available.

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Both personal and business consultations are available.

What were talking about…


“What if…” is always a dangerous question to ask. What if seeing a therapist was not an isolated appointment but offered an opportunity to be part of a community? What if you didn’t just rent space as a therapist but shared space as a collaborative community? What happens if we are partners but we disagree? What if it grows faster than we planned?

Well, the answer we have learned in the few years we have been doing this thing together is… roll with it and you work it out. You keep asking questions, keep having the hard conversations, make adjustments and it gets better and better.

We believe the that the same process of courage, conflict and vulnerability that has brought us together as a group (and kept us together) is the same one that will help others. It’s a beautiful mess and when the thought,

“What if we had NOT done this thing together?”….comes to mind, the answer is simple,

Growth is rarely easy but never regretted.


We know no one gets excited about calling a therapist and saying, “I need help.” Reaching out for help feels unsettling and weak. It feels like giving up. We’re here to tell you it’s the opposite of that.

If you’re considering therapy, we think you are brave. Asking for help means believing you are more than just your struggles. Because you so are. You’re also your ability to see your struggles, acknowledge them and deal with them. And if a good way for you to do that is to talk to someone with experience, then we are here for you.

We are a group of therapists working together to make counseling “normal,” effective, and one of the best decisions someone can make. Whether you are in a crisis, life transition or need more support in your life, we get it.

Groups & Workshops

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits/differences between joining a group and individual therapy?

  1. Groups can build connection and community and the experience of being in the group adds depth and context to individual sessions.
  1. Often there is a gap when individual sessions are not needed (progress has been made) but still a need for additional support and a place to process the changes that have been made. Group is a great way to get support, guidance and content and transition out of individual counseling.
  1. Groups can be likened to “an emotional tune up” or “touching base” when new challenges have come into your life to solidify the gains you have made in the past.
  1. It can be more affordable than individual counseling on weekly basis and provides a new and different experience.

Can I be in both individual therapy and group at the same time?

Yes. Everyone’s experience is different and before you join the group, it is recommended that you discuss your decision with your therapist and see if the group is the right fit for you.

If I am doing the work on my own (and feeling okay about it) how would being in a group benefit me?

The group experience can add depth to one’s own experiences and also the opportunity to give support and encouragement to others who are walking a similar path, as well as receive it yourself.


“If you told me that a group about courage, failure, vulnerability and shame would be fun, I would have thought you were crazy but it really was fun. The facilitators made the conversation easy and safe. You didn’t have to talk if you didn’t want to, but that was the most surprising part…I wanted to share.” “I love Brené Brown and what she says and doing the group changed me. Before the group I understood the connection between connection, vulnerability and shame and through the group I found connection I had been longing to experience.” “I was scared to do this but am so happy I did. I stretched my limits and I realized that I’m not the only one who’s thinking about all this stuff and trying to live differently."

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